Web Design & Development

Creating a website for your company is the first step in any internet marketing campaign. This will be the online real estate that your potential clients and customers will make their decisions to buy your products or services. Building a website that your visitors and search engines will love is crucial to a successful online marketing campaign. If you get this part wrong all other marketing services that have driven internet traffic to your website will be wasted.

There are many different technologies out there to build a website and many companies that will build one for you. Choosing the right web design company and technology can be a daunting task for those who know very little about web design and internet marketing.

How do you choose the right web design company?

There are the do-it-yourself website builders out there, there are companies, there are freelancers, and there are some people who chose to use a friend who does development  on the side. Prices vary significantly from one type of web design service to the next. We will attempt to break it down for you so you can get a better understanding of each type of web development service available today from a consumer’s viewpoint.

The do-it-yourself website builders

The do-it-yoursef website builders, such as web.com, are a great option for those on a budget that are not looking for a complete custom website. You usually will pay a low monthly fee to “rent” your website. You will never own this website – which is the main reason why I don’t suggest this type of development for companies that are looking to invest in any type of internet marketing. You would essentially be investing in something you do not own.

The freelance webdesigner

The freelance web developer is a good solution if you know exactly who you are working with.  The cost will usually be a bit less than a web design agency. If it is someone you don’t know that you found on the web then you are at risk of getting lower quality development. Also, any future development or adjustments will need to be completed by the freelancer. It is very common for freelance website designers to sort of disappear for a while, and they are known to not finish projects. The web programmer you chose should have a good understanding of internet marketing – specifically, search engine optimization. This is typically not seen in a freelance web developer nor many web design companies.

Other web design firms

Most web development companies provide great code and great designs. Prices from one agency to the next will vary significantly. The bigger the firm, the more overhead -usually.  The difference between agencies can be vast. Some lack quality design and some use different technologies such as WordPress, Joomla or custom content management systems (CMS). The difference between these and other CMS systems will be determined on cost, convenience, and scope of the web development project. The most significant difference in these companies is the ability to develop a website built for the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. An understanding of how search engines rank websites based on code and user experience is a must for your website to gain organic or free website traffic through the search engines.

Why choose our website development team

Search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing are a major part of our company’s services, alongside web design and development. Our websites are built following the quality guidelines set forth by the search engines to earn top rankings.The following are some of the technologies and strategies that our web designers and developers use on a daily basis to create spectacular websites that achieve high rankings in the search engines:

Web design and development strategies for better SEO and user experience (UX)

  • Responsive web design technologies (websites that work on tablets, phones, and all monitor sizes)
  • html five coding (web standards for web design code)
  • Page speed optimization (a website that loads fast)
  • Image optimization (images that are sized right and have the right labeling)
  • URL optimization (a websites page URL that is readable: /web-page.html )
  • Directory (siloing) optimization (structure of the content on your website)
  • Grid design structure (a proven aesthetic design strategy)
  • Clear and concise call to actions
  • Spam-free forms
  • Caching systems (a way to reduce website speed)
  • Proper HTML markup for headers and images (adding code like, H1. H2,)
  • Proven web design layouts for conversions

If you company is ready to benefit from a website that is designed to rank in the search engines  and convert visitors into dollars then please contact one of our internet marketing specialists today to get started.international municipal lawyers association