Pay Per Click Advertising – PPC

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay Per Click (PPC) AKA cost per click is advertising through the search engines such as Google, Google Partners, Yahoo and Bing.  The advertiser pays a cost every time a person clicks to visit your website or calls your phone number that appears on mobile devices.

How PPC Works

PPC works by bidding on certain keywords that are chosen. You bid to be in a particular position in the search engines. Position refers to the place your ad appears in the search results. If you have ever bid on something on eBay then you may be familiar with how bidding works. The highest bidder usually wins. I say usually because there is a quality score that the search engine gives your PPC campaigns. A quality score is an algorithm (math equation) that determines how relevant your ad, keyword and landing pages are.  If you have a higher quality score then another bidder you are likely to be bidding less than they are for the same keyword.  This is one reason why having a professional PPC company like Maneuver Up is key to maximizing your advertising dollars.

Why Advertising Through Search Engines Is Effective

Would you rather spend your advertising budget on a stadium of 100,000 random people who may or may not want your service or product, or would you rather spend that budget on 20,000 people who are already interested in your product or service?  If you said the 20,000 that want your business then you are correct and PPC is your best choice for your advertising dollars.

Unlike traditional advertising where you can reach a broad audience (which is great for branding) we set up our PPC campaigns to show your ad for specific keywords that buyers are searching for.  This maximizes your advertising dollars.  It gets your company in front of the audience already interested in your product or service.

Secondly, PPC marketing with conversion tracking and website analytic set up will help determine what is working and what is not. Conversion tracking refers to tracking every time someone visits your website through PPC that converted into a lead. This helps determine what keywords are the most effective in the long term.  When they don’t convert we can look at the web analytics to determine what the best conversion optimization strategy will be.

Are you Ready To Maximize Your Advertising Dollars?

If you are looking to get the “best bang for your buck” then pay per click advertising is the most  effective advertising out there. Please call one of our online advertising experts to get started on increasing your return on advertising investments.