The holy Grail of backlinks resource links

What are resource backlinks?

Resource backlinks are links from a relevant website’s resource of link page that link back to your website. Resource backlinks are considered some of the best backlinks you can get to help your website rank in the top positions for Google Search Engine.

Why my white-hat resource back links are considered by those who know real Seo #1 in the Industry.

Understanding Google becomes much easier when you begin to realize that carefully following the rules and sticking to white-hat principals produces the best seo results by creating real value. Since Google recently announced the changes coming to paid guest post blogs people are catching on to what I have understood for a long time now. Link’s and link profiles that have a foundation of unnatural paid guest post blogs, link schemes, scholarships, irrelevant pages, foreign websites, are becoming devalued by Google when a certain threshold of bad links is hit. Paid publications even press releases in my opinion are the next on the chopping block. Over the last 3 years many content writers including internet news reporters created fake news ,weak stories, and intentionally manipulated Google and its credibility for big time money depending on DA. The content itself was primarily the reason for increased SEO results in most cases and not the new link itself. Google  allowed people to pay for links and content with obvious targeted keywords and anchor text for awhile because links generate traffic and natural resource links went away as an Seo option.

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If you don’t know what backlinks are; start here first.

Here is a .gov resource page that links to one of our clients in the addiction treatment industry:

.gov resource link example