A Guide For Writing Content for the Addiction Treatment Market - How to Pass The Google Medic UpdateWrite Unto Others: A Guide to Writing Digestible, Engaging, Conversational and Authoritative Copy for the Web For the Addiction Treatment Industry

By: Belfry Consulting – Maneuver Up Marketing

“The pen is mightier than the sword, softer than the pillow, sharper than the razor and cleaner than the new floor.”


  • Introduction: The Contract between the Writer and Reader
  • Sloppy Writing and Short-cuts
  • Writing for the Web Is Not Like Any Other Kind of Writing
  • It All Begins With Quality Writing
  • Writing Right: Fundamentals of Quality Web Content
  • Think of Yourself as a Well-informed and Educated Friend Who Just Wants to Help
  • The Cure for Short Attention Span Among Readers
  • Helpful Writing Techniques for the Web
  • Give the People What They Want…immediately
  • The Dreaded Wall of Text
  • Digestible formatting
  • You Hold the Key (words)
  • Keyword Stuffing That Kills User Engagement
  • H1s, H2s – Here’s the News
  • Links Are Your Friends…
  • Links Beget Links
  • Worth 1000 Words: Images and Alt Text
  • Reader First: Writing Web Content for the Addiction Treatment Space
  • Be the Smart Friend
  • Do the Work – Avoid Uniformed Lazy Writing
  • Resources we can use to bone up on our industry knowledge
  • Knowledge Is Always Power…Arm Yourself
  • Understanding the Big Picture
  • The Art of the Matter – Statistics and Graphics
  • The Head and the Heart – Be an Informed Friend Who is Ready To Help
  • Take Yourself and Your Work Seriously – It is a Life-or-Death Situation
  • Parting Words for Your Words
  • Checklist for Quality Content
  • Help your readers quickly find what they need with these web writing tips
  • Additional Web Writing Techniques to Put Into Action
  • Words for Words: 13 Critical Internet Marketing Vocabulary Terms for Web Content Writing
  • Instructions Regarding Writing for Our Websites
  • Resources that will help you in your content creation
  • Resource Links
  • Sourcing Content With Trusted Information
  • Use Original Content
  • Examples of Quality Web Content

Introduction: The Contract between the Writer and Reader

Although we’re all writers, let’s start by painting a picture: Right now there are over 4.5 billion people on the internet searching for information on a very specific topic. Maybe they want to know how to make the perfect hamburger; maybe they want to know how an internal combustion engine works; maybe they want to understand the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia. Whatever their preferred destination may be, their computers, phones and tablets are undoubtedly taking them through a perilous of spammy, redundant and incoherent web copy to get there.

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